优酷会员账号共享 2018年07月20日更新第12批 优酷vip会员免费领取,优酷地址

优酷会员账号共享 2018年07月20日更新第12批 优酷vip会员免费领取,优酷地址



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优酷会员账号共享 2018年07月20日更新第12批 优酷vip会员免费领取,优酷地址



北京市海淀区海淀大街8号中钢国际大厦5层 电话:(010)58851881


Nate Dogg-Regulators
(Warren G:)
We regulate any stealing of his property
And we damn good too
But you can't beat any geek off the street,
Gotta be handy with the steel
If you know what I mean, earn your keep
Regulators! Mount up!
(Warren G:)
It was a clear black night,
a clear white moon
Warren G was on the streets,
trying to consume
Some skirts for the eve,
so I can get some funk
Just rollin' in my ride,
chillin' all alone
(Nate Dogg:)
Just hit the Eastside of the LBC
On a mission trying to find Mr. Warren G.
Seen a car full of girls ain't no need to tweak
All you skirts know what's up with 213
(Warren G:)
So I hooks a left on the 21 and Lewis
Some brothas shootin' dice so I said “Let's do this”
I jumped out the ride,
And said “What's up?”
Some brothas pulled some gats so I said “I'm stuck.”
(Nate Dogg:)
Since these girls peepin' me I'ma glide and swerve
These hookers lookin' so hard they straight hit the curb
Won'tcha think of better things than some horny tricks
I see my homey and some suckers all in his mix
(Warren G:)
I'm gettin' jacked,
I'm breakin' myself
I can't believe they taking Warren's wealth
They took my rings,
they took my Rolex
I looked at the brotha said
“Damn, what's next?”
(Nate Dogg:)
They got my homey hemmed up and they all around
Ain't none of them seeing if they going straight pound for pound
I gotta come up real quick before they start to clown
I best pull out my strap and lay them busters down
(Warren G:)
They got guns to my head
I think I'm going down
I can't believe this happenin' in my own town
If I had wings I would fly
Let me contemplate
I glanced in the cut and I see my homey Nate
(Nate Dogg:)
Sixteen in the clip and one in the hole
Nate Dogg is about to make some bodies turn cold
Now they droppin' and yellin'
It's a tad bit late
Nate Dogg and Warren G have to regulate
I laid all them busters down
I let my gat explode
Now I'm switching my mind back into freak mode
If you want skirts sit back and observe
I just left a gang of those over there on the curb
(Warren G:)
Now Nate got the freaks
And that's a known fact
Before I got jacked I was on the same track
Back up back up cause it's on
N A T E and me
The Warren to the G
(Nate Dogg:)
Just like I thought
They were in the same spot
In need of some desperate help
The Nate Dogg and the G-child
Were in need of something else
One of them dames was sexy as hell
I said “Oh I like your size.”
She said “My car's broke down
And you seem real nice, would ya let me ride?”
I got a car full of girls and it's going real swell
The next stop is the Eastside Motel
(Warren G:)
I'm tweaking
Into a whole new era
Step to this
I dare ya
On a whole new level
(Nate Dogg:)
The rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble
(Warren G:)
We brings
Where rhythm is life
And life is rhythm
(Nate Dogg:)
If you know like I know
You don't wanna step to this
It's the G-Funk era
Funked out with a gangsta twist
If you smoke like I smoke
Then you high like everyday
And if your ass is a buster
213 will regulate


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